Z's SpeechEdit

Ok...take like...20 mintues of your time to read this. It's VERY long...I know but I need to tell you a few things. So let's start off with something, let's just look at what I have done for the Wiki. Over 1,000 edits...Over 1,000 edits...What would this Wiki be without me? I keep this Wiki organized...I keep this Wiki up-to-date. And I keep everything...all the pages...under control...forget chat...and comments...and the stuff I say...LOOK AT THE STUFF I EDIT. I always do my Sunday article. I could edit all these locked pages. I could fight off vandals...I am a responsible and amazing editor. This Wiki would be unorganized...and confusing without me.

So...let's start, I realize I've started drama and what not...I have..I know...I'm not an idiot. But, when drama comes and goes...I get over it and move the days went by...I got less and less worse with drama...and now the only drama I get involved with is small arguments with Perry. I's me and Perry...what do you expect? :P Everyone knows, I hurt people's feelings sometimes...but back when I was an admin, I stopped it more than I caused it. Demoting Penguins had to be one of the hugest mistakes I could've ever made as a b-crat. I got demoted cause I didn't follow that rule....I will clearly be more aware that drama is a no no...and I do understand an admin's job.

My edits are something I'm proud of...I know I have the highest editcount. I's like...I think that I could never do this kind of's hard to think when I came from Warriors Wiki as some stupid troll who didn't know how to edit. I made an account in 2007...used it for two bored...and returned in 2012...and went on Warriors Wiki and acted like a stuck-up brat and I got myself blocked for 6 months for attacking a user...and I only made 60 edits. So, for the past few months on here, I learned that editng will get you alot and I figured out that you have to be compasinate towards others when you come on here. This Wiki has taught me so much and what better way to become an admin on it?

I contribute, I am friendly, and I am basically fit for the job.

So, there are negatives for me being an admin...some people don't like it when I'm mad. I'm not an angry person...I'm just passionate. Is it wrong to express your feelings? When I make blogs, I express my feelings...there is NOTHING wrong with that. When I am being mean to another user...that's just me responding to them being mean TO ME. Expressing your feelings..there is nothing wrong with that.

Ok...TOTALLY not trying to insult Matt or Perry...I'm not that person who goes "THIS PERSON EATS BUNNIES...DON'T VOTE FOR THEM"'m not like that. I am just going to say the negatives of having Matt or Perry as admin. So, Matt. Matt can be disloyal at times...he's on a bunch of other Wiki's and becomes very torn. Well, if you're running for admin and you are disloyal...then hey good luck. You MUST be 100% loyal to your Wiki and in my opinion Matt just doesn't fit that. Perry is not fit for admin because I can't see him making decisons like admins would. Sure, he's mature...and almost exactly like me BUT...he just doesn't have the job to do admin-like jobs, like I would. Perry, Matt, and I have all been admins. And when Perry WAS an admin...I didn't see him proving he was worthy...Matt would make a hell of an admin...just he's disloyal...Perry's just not fit for the job. I have all the qualities of a good admin...I mean, I've proved that...DID I NOT? yeah.

I am ready...I am a good person...I edit and I can GET THE JOB DONE AND BECOME A HELL OF AN ADMIN...give me one reason that I CAN'T BE an admin. So...if you want a mature, friendly, and well-fitting admin...VOTE FOR ME...

Thank you,


Rowan's SpeechEdit

When I was on Warrior's Wiki, I met a user who I saw something in. That user was Z. Z would come into the chatroom, and he wouldn't start any business. heck, he even stood up for himself when he needed to. Unfortunately, Z's run on Warriors Wiki came to an end when he faced conflict with another user there. Z got banned for, in my opinion, longer than he should've. But that was the answer. The key. The key to the door. The door to the room. The room where you learn to grow up, make edits, and handle things. Z visited that room, and I have seen he matured. I was doing my daily edits over on Warriors Wiki, and I clicked the random page button. I landed on Z's chat ban appeal. I thought, He, it;s that Z guy. I need to find him., and I did. Z has improved a lot, and come July, I cannot wait to see his impact on Warriors Wiki. In fact, it makes me smile to see that Z still remembes his friends over there. Z deserves to be an admin because of all of his positive actions. I mean, come on, we've all blown our heads over at some point here, and Z has been able to keep his hat on. Z. I have one thing to say to you.: I hope you make this. Good luck, kid. (I say Good luck kid to Cody Rhodes 8D) ~Rowan♥


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