Hello, I am just completly fed up with everybody thinking I am Nick Foley. I am not. I am writing this because I am leaving forever. No changing my mind, I'm done. I have been accused of so many things that I did not do or am not including:

  • Being Nick Foley
  • Hacking Z's Account
  • Trolling on Flockdraw
  • And More

I have honestly done none of those things. I have been blocked groundlessly, accused, and more. You know who you are!!! Z, Fabian2, you guys have been great friends to me, and I will never forget that. You guys are great. But for Matt , Kris, ect. You have been very mean. I am leaving because of that. I bet you will be happy that I am gone. I am also deleting and making a new twitter account so none of you can contact me. Hasta Lavista! WCDDoherty42 20:35, June 12, 2012 (UTC)