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Daily News

The Daily News composes of seven different articles for each day of the week. The articles are written by our very own users! All articles are listed below, be sure to check them out!

Old Articles

Each week, there are brand new articles to read. What happens to all the old ones? We keep them all in the old articles page! All old articles are listed below, be sure to check them out if you happened to have missed one!

A.A (Anubis Advice)

Having trouble and don't know quite what to do? No worries! Anubis Advice is here to answer all of your questions that you may have, whether it's about love, friendship, school, bullying, and just about anything else! The advice is given to you by our very own users! Have a question? Click on one of the advice pages below, and get your advice now!

Past Advice

Want to read some of the advice given to other users? Check out the past advice page and read all the advice that has been given out in the past!


All the students in House of Anubis have a blog! And we have them here, on Anubis News Wikia! Check out some of our blogs, listed below!