The History of the Anubis Cryptograms

There once was a peaceful land called Amun. Thirteen poor districts existed to make products and goods for the shining land called the Capitol . Those districts included Renenet, Maat, Yaam, Ptah, Imhotep, Ra, Anhur, Neper, Anedjti, Thoth, Osiris, Hathor and Anubis. The District of Anubis became angry at the Capitol and started rebelling, enlisting the help of all the districts, except Maat, who sided with the Capitol. The Capitol, with the help of Maat, defeated the rebelling districts and destroyed Anubis. All was at peace again, but a big change happened.

The Capitol, angry at the rebelling districts, decided to show the districts their power. Every 3 months, the Districts would have to send a girl and a boy at the age of twelve through eighteen to compete in the Anubis Cryptograms, a battle to the death with riddles and magic. The one remaining victor would be showered with gifts of food and money.

What is the Anubis Cryptograms?

The Anubis Cryptograms happens every three months. Every single member of Anubis News gets to chose one district. Every last day of the second month, the names of the members will be stuck in the reaping ball and will be chosen randomly. The members chosen will be meeting up with the admins every Friday for a new riddle. Each member will have to decipher the riddle. The last one to answer will be out of the competition. Click here to check out our tributes for the first Anubis Cryptograms!

The Districts

  1. Renenet - District of Luxury-Tributes are full
  2. Ma'at - District of Justice
  3. Ptah - District of Craftmanship and Textiles
  4. Yaam -District of Fishing
  5. Imhotep - District of Healing
  6. Ra - District of the Sun
  7. Anhur - District of Rebellion
  8. Neper - District of Grain
  9. Anedjti - District of Livestock
  10. Thoth - District of Knowlege
  11. Osiris - District of Agriculture
  12. Hathor - District of Music-Tributes are full
  13. Anubis-District of the Afterlife