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The boy I like is my best friend, what should I do?

If your best friend already has a girlfriend, don't try to break them up. If your best friend does not have a girlfriend, go ahead, flirt with him! He's open! If he flirts back, congratulations! You are one step closer to becoming a little more than friends... Also, if you admit it to him, you will find out if he likes you or not.

~Amber Millington ❤

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'there's a guy in my class and my friend told me that he likes me and she told nearly all of the people in my class and his class {I'm in year 11 and he's in year 11 it's just our two schools joined together and made one big school} but I told my friend that I won't date him or any Irish guys cuz:'

no.1 I don't date Irish guys cuz I'm Indian no.2 The guy has to be like a few months or a year older than me no.3 I'm not allowed to go on dates {I know embarrasing} {I didn't tell her this one though}

But now they think I'm raciest!

I kinda like him though I never talked to him but I always see him when I go home from school I don't know him all I know is his name, he might be the same age as me or a few months older or younger and that he's very athletic. I'm not very sporty.

what should I do? Should I tell him I like him {but I'm really shy when it comes to talking to guys} or should I ignore it. {but what if he thinks I'm avoiding him and it kinda hurts him}


It shouldn't matter what age or what hertiage he is! But if you can't date you shouldn't disobey your parents! You should not care if he is irish or not! It is what comes from the heart that matters! There is this one lady I know and her and her husband are 20 tears apart! So that is just teaching you that it dosent matter the age! And I think that you should talk to him and overcome your shyness! I really hope this helps you! Thank You! and Good Luck!


Thank you so much

I overcame my shyness and he said he doesn't care if I'm Indian or not, he said it was my personality and my smile {for some reason} that he like.

So I guess it's not about the outside that counts It's in the inside.

Tommorrow our classes are going to go to the cinema to watch Men in Black 3 {not exactly romantic but oh well} it's kinda like a date.

Thank you so much again!