Here is Past Friendship Advice that was given in the past.

Asked by: Amx1995

Date: March 28, 2012

My best friend and I have been drifting further apart ever since I had made friends with the new girl. How can I repair our friendship again?

It's great that you made friends with the new girl! But doesn't mean your best friend has to be affected because of this. You and your best friend are close, correct? Then, why don't you make some time to spend it with her, go out and have fun and continue talking to her! If this doesn't work, you could always try the straight forward approach and tell your best friend that you don't want to drift apart! I'm sure you can make time to spend with both of your friends, equally!

Another solution would be to introduce your best friend to the new girl. Hey, who knows?! You three could be the closest friends ever, I'm sure you all would be able to bond. Introduce them, and you won't have any problems with losing your best friend or the new girl, and most importantly, you WON'T have to pick a 'favorite' when the time comes. Best of luck!

-Nina Martin☯

-- Asked by: VirtualNancy

Date: March 22, 2012

My sort-of-friend Amy told me to beat her up {sarcastically, but she's always in that tone}, so I kicked her hard in the shins, and started to avoid me. That night, I thought about it, and she's best friends with my best friend would she go so low that she tells some lies, and make her betray me. The next day at swimming pool hair drying place, I let her have my hair dryer, and said sorry after that in class I said sorry. At home my mom comes home from work and asks me if I kicked Amy, and I said yeah, she deserved for bossing me about {she told her stupid mom what a wuss}, and my mom told me not to kick her unless she deserves it, but not in class. I think she's going to keep bullying me because she told nearly everyone in my class that i beat her up, she even told the boys. What should i do? Should I tell every one the real truth that she told me to beat her up or bully her back

Violence is never the answer. So don't even think about bullying her back, even if it isn't physical. If she was really your best friend, she wouldn't do this to you. Do not retaliate, or fight back, at all! Also, do not spread any nasty rumors, or lie about her! So I advise you to do neither. So telling everyone the real truth may seem the right thing to do, which it is. But it'll just make her feel and look bad, which makes you no worse than her. Talk it out with your friend, and if she doesn't want to talk things through then go to a guidance counselor or a teacher for help. Maybe even try telling your mom, so the bullying won't continue. Best of luck!

-Nina Martin☯


Asked by: ILoveAnubisMore

Date: March 19, 2012

It feels like me and my best friend keep growing apart. This has happened to me before, and I lost that friend forever. So what should I do?

I'm sorry this has happened to you before, but trust me it won't happen again! Best friends are always growing apart, fact is this always happens! But to prevent it from happening, just speak to your best friend, find out why you're growing apart, spend time with them, and most importantly, always remember they'll be there for you and constantly remind yourself that it isn't a friendship worth losing! Hope all turns out well!

-Nina Martin☯