July 11, 2012EditEdit


Hi FabianBryce! here! And I am your new Wednesday article writer! This week I am gonna focus on the admins of this wiki. They are Kim, Rachel, Matt, and Z!. I am gonna do a paragraph on each of them.



KimberlyAmaya is an admin here. She is a great one too. If anyone should be the founder it's her. She edits and is usually active. She is AWESOME!I think in my opinion she should be the founder!!!!



BatPeddieSeddieSibuna is an admin here as well. He is a great helper and is really good with CODES! We call him Mr. Codes. If anybody needs help with codes, MediaWiki pages, or anything else, GO TO MATT!!!!!!



Z! is also an admin here. He is a great editor, helper, and most of all, FRIEND!!!!! He can be mean, if you are mean to him, or on his bad side. Him and Perry have had a lot of fights and arguments! Z!, you rock, and you deserve to be an admin all the way!!!!!!!! YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank You!


July 4th: Independence Day- Interview with Rowanflight

Hi! I am Seddielover45! I am the new writer for Wednesday News! Sorry if it's bad, it's my first one.

My Interveiw with Rowanflight about 4th of JulyEditEdit

Me: "How was your 4th of July?"

Rowan: "Actually, later, i'm going to see fireworks. "

Me: "Are you going with friends and family to see them?"

Rowan: "Yes I am, And a really close friend if you get what I mean"

Me: "Do you think the fireworks are going to be good or lame?"

Rowan: "Good! I've gone quite a few times. And they are being launched in Boston. And we can see them from my home town :D."

Me: "Have you done anything specail today?"

Rowan: "Not yet."

Me: "Final question. Do you love living in america?"

Rowan: "Yes, my whole life"

May 2- Nathila Ramos Leaving HoA

Hi guys. This is Amx1995. And guess what, I'm not an admin anymore. Wheeeeeeeee.

So..... Season 3 has been officially been greenlighted, but there's one issue....

Nina. Nathalia Ramos, the portrayer is leaving the show. What do you think will happen to Nina? Will she stay? Will she leave?

Here's some things they could do:

  • They will hire a new actress to play Nina that happens to look a lot like Nathalia. People think this could be Brad's girlfriend Samantha Dorrence.
  • Get Nikita Ramsey back as Piper. Piper will get a new love interest and Nina and Fabian will continue dating long-distance.
  • Nina will die in a tragic accident and a new character replaces her as Fabian's love interest.
  • Nina will move back to America and the main focus shifts to Eddie.

What do you think? Tell me in the comments below!

April 4

Hello, hello. This is your friendly admin, Amx1995, who sadly has writer's block and is borrowing a few words from our friends on the House of Anubis Wiki.



No wait..... HORRIBLE NEWS.

Nathalia Ramos sadly is not returning to HoA. Instead, she has chosen to continue with her education. And everything has erupted into chaos on Tumblr, the Nick Message Boards, and everywhere. Just everywhere has erupted with Nathalia hate.

Alright, I understand everybody is angry Nathalia is leaving, but at least it's for a good reason. Education is very important.

So, weekly question: Your opinion on Nathalia leaving?

March 21

HEY GUYS! Amx here =)

So, as you can see and Rachel said in her Monday news, we have two amazingly awesome additions to the Wiki, Anubis Cryptograms and The Chosen One. Sadly, the Chosen One will no longer be updated daily. I will try to update it every two to three days, but sadly, writer's block may be a matter of change in that.


What character is your favourite and why?

March 14- Season Three Confirmed!

Hey, hey, hey. It's Amx, the writer of the Wednesday articles. I have a bit of experience writing news and love House of Anubis.


Mr. Hans Bourlon of Studio 100, the production company for the show, has announced preparations for Season 3 are under way!

Every Wednesday, I will do a question of the week, brought to you by me! This week's question is:

Predictions for Season 3?

C'mon, you got to have at least one! Like, what do you think will happen with Fabina, now Eddie's been revealed to be the Osirion? What about Jara? Do you think their relationship will be smooth or rocky? And Mick! Do you think our favorite meathead will come back? Discuss in the comments!