July, 26, 2012Edit

My Interview with Matt about Season 3Edit

Me: What do think about Nathilia leaving?

Matt: At first, I was shocked, because Nathalia plays Nina, and I think she is perfect for Nina. Then I started going through a list of possible replacements.

Me: Are you excited for Season 3?

Matt: Definitely.

Me: What do you think will happen in Season 3?

Matt: I think it will have something to do with the Tears of Gold.

Me: What was your favorite season of HOA?

Matt: 2, that was the only one I have seen. xD


Me: What was your favortorite episode of HOA?

Matt: The most recent one, I do not remember what it is called, I just remember it is the Season 2 finale. xD

July, 19, 2012Edit

Hey it is Seddielover45! Today I would like to talk about why the wiki has been so inactive. Like no one is ever on chat, the Recent wiki activaty is just message walls well most is message walls, and only 4 people do their article. I don't know why it is so inactive alll the sudden. I don't even know where the heck Rach is, and Penguins is never on, so thank god that they are demoted. 2 chat mods have left so now we only have 2. The only people left on the wiki is Z, me, Matt, Perry, Fabain, kim, and mabe Amber and WCD but that is all.

All I am saying is we need more people on this wiki.


July, 12, 2012Edit

Hi I am Seddielover45! I am the new writer of the Thursday Article! Today I would like to talk about The July Awards. Now I know it's a little early to be talking about this, but I am sure everyone is excited :D! Thanks to Z! and Rowan we can make these possible! Now I think that I will win the Typo Award because I make a lot of typos on chat, but I'd like to know what YOU think you will win. That's all, Folks.

~Lovah Out

July, 5, 2012Edit

Hi FabianBryce! here! Today I am gonna talk about HoA, There are 9 students that live in Anubis House, Nina, Fabian, Amber, Alfie, Jerome, Eddie, Mara, Patricia, and Joy. And 1 headmaster and 1 housemother. Victor is the housemaster and Trudy is now the housemother! They also go to school where the Master is Mr. Sweet, Mrs. Andrews the French teacher, Miss. Valentine the Drama teacher, and Mr. Sweet the Science teacher. There are 5 sibuna members Nina, Fabian, Amber, Patricia, and Alfie. In the 1st season they found 7 puzzle peices and had to put them together to make the Cup of Anhk and in the 2ed seson they had to go through 9 tunnals to get the Mask of Anubis. I hope you learned a lot about HoA!!!


June, 28, 2012Edit

Hi welcome back to the Thursday Article. This Thursday I will be talking about this wiki. This wiki was made by the wonderful Rachelrabbit1999. The admins are KimberlyAmaya, PenguinsLoveToSing, BatPeddieSeddieSibuna, Z!, and Perry!. You can look at daily articles, ask for advice, go to the awards every month, and even play games! If you like to chat, go into chat and have fun with other users! Have fun make pages, edit pages, play games, and write blogs!


  • Who is the founder?
  • Who is the admin that is funny?
  • What game are you a tribute in?
  • When is the July Awards?
  • What advice does Z! do?

June, 21, 2012Edit

I interviewed Rowanflight today:

Q- What is your favorite thing on wiki?

A- News Articles and the Awards

Q- Who is your bestfriend on this Wiki?

A- Z! He is the whole reason I came here.

Q- How did you find out about this Wiki?

''- Z. On Warriors wiki, the random page button landed on his appeal, so I clicked his username. There was the link to this Wiki and WALA, Rowan was born on Anubis News!

Q- What is your least favorite wiki?

- Probably the Cody Rhodes wiki but beleive me I still love him!!!! <3

This Week's Debating QuestionEdit

"Do you think they should do HOA without Nathalia Ramos?"

Trivia on HOAEdit

  1. What is Fabian's real name?
  2. Who is Fabian's godfather?
  3. What was the 6 tunnel?
  4. What did Amber call Mick in the first season?
  5. What is the name of the Headmaster of the school?

Answer those in comments please!

{C}Thank You,


June 14, 2012Edit


I interveiwed BlueFlamz today:

Q- What is your favorite thing to do on wiki?

A- Go on Chat!

Q- Who is your bestfriend on this wiki?

A- Matt or Z!

Q- How did you find out about this wiki?

A- Hm............ Matt linked me hear on Victorious wiki asking me to help him get rights!

Q- What is you favorite wiki?

A- Big Time Rush Wiki

Q- What is your least favorite wiki?

A- Pokemon Wiki

Thank you again BlueFlamez for letting me interveiw you!

This Week's Debating QuestionEdit

"What do you think Victor will do with the tears og gold?"

Funny TipsEdit

5 Ways To Make Victor Mad:

  1. '''Steal his Pin.'''
  2. '''Tell him the Pin Store ran out of business.
  3. '''Don't go to bed at 10:00.
  4. '''Make fun of his haircut.
  5. '''Make fun of him for liking Vera!

Thank You FabianBryce!

June 7, 2012Edit

I Interveiwed BatPeddieSeddieSibuna and here is what he said:Edit

Q- What is your favorite thing to do on wiki?

A- Probably Chat!

Q- Who is your best Friend on wiki?

A- Z!

Q- How did you find this wiki?

A-Rachelrabbit1999 left a messege on my wall about this wiki, and she said if I would help this wiki she would make me an admin! Even without the promise to make me admin, I still would have came here.

Q- What was your favorite event?

A- idk......the first awards!

Q- What is your favorite wiki?

A- Probably the Victorious wiki, because the users there are so nice, and they work really hard on stuff to make it look good!

Q- What wiki is you least favorite?

A- IDK..... I like all wikis! :)

Thank you again Matt for letting me interveiw you! :)

'This week's ' debating question is (remember answer in comments):'

"Do you think they should replace Nina?"

Thank You!


May 31, 2012Edit

As we all know that Nathalia Ramos will not be returning in Season 3. So really there will be NO Sibuna! ;( I hope they get someone else Good to play the roll of Nina. Next, we know that Eddie is the osirion and the osirion takes care of the Cosen One. I don't think Neddie should be together. Fabina Forever! But some of you may like that there might be a chance for Neddie. I can't wait for Season 3 to air in the United States! It is airing in January of 2013 and in Liverpool England in August 2012. Please give your opinion on the debate question below. Thank You!'This week's debating question:'"What do you think Victor will do with the tears of gold?"

Give your opinion in the comments below.

May 10- Interview with Z!

Hi I am Fabian2 and I am the new Thurday artical person! I am going to interview Z!:

Q- How did you find this wikia? A- Matt told me in Community Central Chat!

Q- Who were the first people you met when you came on here? A- Matt and Rachel

Q- Who is your best friend on wikia? A- Matt

Q- What is your favorite thing to do on wikia? A- CHAT!!!!!!

Thanks again Z! For letting me interview you!!!!!

My next topic is debating!!! Here is your question:

Do you think Neddie should be together or Fabina??

Tell your opinion in the comments!

Thank you all and see you next Thursday!

- Happy Editing!

March 15- Tears of Gold. What are they?

Yo! It’s me, BatPeddieSeddieSibuna, your new Thursday reporter! I will talk more about how cool this is on my profile,User:BatPeddieSeddieSibuna, but for now, let’s focus on House of Anubis. "What are the tears of gold?" is a popular question. The tears of gold, I believe are tears that The Mask of Anubis produces and it can heal people, according to Victor Rodemaar Sr. What happened to Rufus? That would be an interesting topic for Season Three. Everyone is so excited for Season Three, I don't think anyone can wait for it! See you next week on Anubis News. And thanks so much for making me USER OF THE WEEK! If you would like to be a reporter, see Reporters. And Happy Thursday!