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August 26th- Nathalia Ramos- Coward or Clever? + Where have I been? :O

Checkin' In AGAINEdit

Alright, I has been at least a month until I did my last article and the main reason is cause I am just too busy to worry about it. But I promise you this time, I will not forget to do it agian!

Current Wiki NewsEdit

  • Rach has announced that Anubis News Wiki might be migrating to a new Wiki. Read more here.
  • No other news unfortunatley, the Wiki has been dying out very slowly, and this could be my last article after this Wiki migrates to the new Wiki :(

Nathalia Ramos: Coward Or Clever?Edit

So we all hear that Nathalia Ramos will not be returning to HoA in Season 3.

Let's discuss both sides of it...the cowardous side and the clever side.

So, she was a coward for making this decision cause the new season of HoA will certianly not be the same without Nina and replacing her is definantly not a good idea. I mean, if you really look into it, how could the show be the same? It was certainly a huge downfall for all the fans of HoA, and I will miss Nina on there. That was a cowardous decision.

Clever? Maybe this is a good way for her to get up on her studies for college...she needed a good education anyway, so isn't this a good idea for her? I think so. This may dissappoint the fans but hey, it was their best shot.

Tell me in the comments what YOU think, was Nathalia a coward or was that a clever move on her part?

Coming up Next WeekEdit

If there is a next week, or if we all move to the new Wiki, next week, I will be unfortuanatley doing my final Sunday article ever. I will have a good look-back on our previous articles, and a good look-back on this amazing Wiki, including, all week I will be doing exclusive interviews with people like, KimberlyAmaya, BatPeddieSeddieSibuna, Dance4Life, and more people!

So stay tuned because starting this Tuesday, the Sunday article will be having a: Goodbye AN Week! :)


July 22nd- I'm Baacak! + Interview with BatPeddieSeddieSibuna

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Omg guys...I'm so sorry I missed my article weeks :(

I've been extremley busy.

But DON'T WORRY...I got ALOT of fun articles in store for y'all so yeah :3

Current Wiki NewsEdit

  • Don't forget to check out the results for the awards!
  • Rachelrabbit1999 is back!
  • BlueFlamez has also returned.
  • The Wiki has a new look, who changed it? :/

Interview with BatPeddieSeddieSibuna (Matt)Edit

Z!: Hi Matt!

Matt: Hi

Z!: So I see you're an admin. Do you enjoy being one?

Matt: Definitely, I have wanted to be one for quite a while, and as admin, it means that you are a respected user, and editor, and looked up to, and, I get to edit MediaWiki pages. :]

Z!: What's your favorite hobby?

Matt: Probably either singing, or being on the computer. x]

Z!: What's your fav Wiki?

Matt: Victorious Wiki or Last Friday Night.

Z!: Do you like the way this Wik is turning out?

Matt: Yes, although, I do not like that we don't have a lot of users. Hopefully, we will get some more soon! ^_^

Z!: What do you think the future of Anubis News will be like or what do you hope it will be like?

Matt: Well, I hope it will have no more drama and more users. :]

Z!: Thanks for the interview!

Matt: No problem!

Coming up next week!Edit

Coming up next week.

Is Nathalia Ramos a coward or clever for not returning to HoA for Season 3?

Find out on the next Sunday news!

July 1st- HoA Shippings


Hello everybody. So sorry for such a late article.


Our current news on the Wiki:

  • We have new staff members!
  • The Wiki has a new look? What do you think of it?

Our current HoA news:

  • Jade Ramsey and Ana Mulvoy Ten are on Figure It Out! Be sure to see them! :)
  • Season 3 is confirmed!
  • Nathalia Ramos will NOT be returning for House of Anubis!

HoA ShippingsEdit

So my favorite HoA shippings are Peddie, Mickara, and Fabiana.

So I like Peddie because I happen to like the fact that Eddie and Patricia seem to be so alike and so rude and arrogant twoards each other. I happen to think Eddie is a real charmer if you know what I mean ;) And Patricia happens to be very funny when Eddie insults her. They seem to be the most perfect couple! I just love them :)

Mickara is good because Mick and Mara seem to be two people that were obviously in love with each other. It was very sad that Amber had to be jerked around like that but I still think she's way better off with Alfie. Also, I just think that Mick and Mara are obviously compatible.

I happen to enjoy Fabiana because Fabian and Nina are very cute together :) Fabian always seems to stick up for Nina and he's such a great guy. Nina is very nice back to him and it is a darn shame that she won't be back on the show.

So that's the article! Come back next week for more.

I'm sorry for the fact that it seems as if Fabian and I are the only ones doing articles xD...but please stay tuned in!

Thank you!

June 17th- June Awards Pros and Cons


Hello guys! Omg...I haven't done an article in AGES...well I'm back with another article for y'all today.

Ok.last night was TONS of fun at the June Awards! :D Although the same thing happened, it was just me, Perry, and Rowan -__-...but other than was a lot of fun! :D

Regarding all of your articlesEdit

Before we get to that, I wanna let you all know that Rach and Kim says it is okay if you don't do your article considering y'all have no inspiration considering Season 3 of HoA still is not airing. Unlike others, it seems as if Fabian and I are really the only ones doing our articles. So...please...if you can, do your article...regardless if Season 3 isn't on.

Pros (Positives)Edit

  1. The awards were tons of fun
  2. Rowan got an award!!! Finally!!

Cons (Negatives)Edit

  1. It was only 3 people there at the end (again)
  2. Kim won 4 awards (not that that is bad it's just ALOT)
  3. The awards were VERY lengthy

Ok that's it for the week get ready for my opinion on shippings of HoA :)

Bai guys


May 13th- A Message

A MessageEdit

Okay, this isn't like any usual Sunday article. But I just wanna cover what has happened and how I feel about it.

Perry and I worked extremely hard on the awards and nobody seemed to show up accept two amazing friends (Matt and Rowan). I was very sad that the awards were short and boring. I had won the Hall of Fame award and nobody except maybe Perry and Rowan were there at that moment to congratulate me. Kim won an award and wasn't there at all! And Rach won THREE awards and wasn't there. It made me very pissed. So I wrote a pretty angry blog.

Then, a user named Bat Forever comes in an says he didn't feel like going to the awards and then he said HoA sucks anyway. It pissed THE HELL out of me cause I was a little frustrated. (Note that Perry waited NINE HOURS for the awards. Imagine how frustrated HE felt.) So I tell Bat to go screw himself (which I shouldn'tve done) Then, he calls in all these Victorious users and has the AN chat spamming with users. I banned them once Rach came in because I didn't need all those users spamming the chat when I needed to talk to Rach. On Victorious chat, they were insulting me and Matt didn't bother to care so....I told him we aren't friends anymore. Cause he stood up for Bat and didn't stick up for me.

So, once all the users shut the hell up, Bat tells Rach what I said to him and Rach DEMOTES ME. Yes, DEMOTES ME. After the horrid events of the night I have. To make things even worse, Perry starts YELLING AT HER. (I once again shared the blame). Rach gets pissed and says she'll give me my rights back. Then she says that she is stressed and Perry and I are being mean. That made me even more mad because I had kept quiet during most of this. I just screamed at her. And I shouldn'tve done that cause it made her very sad. She then quit and gave me and Perry b-crat rights.

So that's what happened okay? Back to this, I want my rights taken away and I want Perry's rights taken away. We both acted stupid for a reason and I want things to go back to normal, but with my rights away. I'll work up to them. I realize Rach didn't know the date. I realize Amber would rather play outside then be there for her former friend Z. I realize Kim probably couldn't make it. Perry and I were both frustrated. I apologize deeply for those who I hurt. I want my rights taken away and things to go back to normal.

THAT'S the story ok? That's it. For those who aren't friends with me, we'll talk about it. I don't want Rach and Matt leaving. Cause this night determined that drama, SUCKS.



May 6th- Interview with Amber

Interview with Amber99HOAEdit

Z: Hi Amber!

Amber: Hey Z!

Z: So how long have you been on Anubis News?

Amber: About a month

Z: What do you like most about Anubis News?

Amber: I like how you can get advice and get information, talk to many many kind people who I've made friends with. And the wiki itself is amazing.

Z: Cool! So have you made any friends. If so, who?

Amber: You. Rachel, Kim, HOAFF, Matt, I would like to be friends with Perry. So mainly the people who come on here the most!

Z: So did you here Kim won't be back for a while? What do you think of that?

Amber: I have heard. I talked to her when she was on and she said that she wouldn't be on for awhile. I heard her dad thinks that she's on the computer too much. I wish she would be able to be on, she's super kind to everyone!

Z: Ok thank you for the interview!

Amber: Your welcome Z! Catch ya later!

April 29th- Interview with Houseofanubisfanforever55

Hey everyone it is time for another whopping Z article!!! Sorry I missed last week! I was just WAY too busy. :D


  • Omg Matt changed his username!!!! Great for him!!! BatPeddieSeddieSibuna is his new username!
  • Don't forget to read Z's new blog!!! AND LEAVE A COMMENT! Click here to open it: blog:
  • Kimberly is currently inactive on the Wiki sadly so we'll just have to wait until she returns! Miss you Kim!
  • Perry is making events every month and that includes the Anubis News Wikia Awards May 2012! Don't' forget to vote! See Perry for details!
  • Don't forget to join in on the Penguins Awareness Day Event by Rachel!

Interview with Houseofanuibsfanforever55 (HOAFF)Edit

  • Z: Hi Houseofanubisfanforever
  • HOAFF: Hi!
  • Z: So how long have you been on Anubis News?
  • HOAFF: 2-3 months I think.
  • Z: Do ya miss Kim? I know I do!
  • HOAFF: Yeah, she hasn't been on in a long time, and i miss her cause we are friends, and she's so sweet!
  • Z: Yea I miss her A LOT too! Do you think Anubis News will be successful in the future?
  • HOAFF: Yes, because it is an awesome site for chatting with your friends, and looking at tips in the newspaper and the articles.
  • Z: Okay thanks for the interview!

Bullying Advice UpdateEdit

I apologize for closing down the Bullying Advice but it will reopen in May. And the announcement is here: Perry and I are planning to make a Bullying Awareness Week!!! Further details coming soon!

Cool WebsiteEdit

Check out this cool website that I found. It has addicting games!!!!

April 15th- Anubis News Wikia Awards April 2012 Awards Pros & Cons

Anubis News Wikia Awards 2012 Thoughts!Edit

Hey it's Z for a short little article today. Last night was amazing with an amzaing Awards show hosted by Rachelrabbit1995 and co-hosted by Perry16370. In my opinion the awards was GREAT. Although I didn't win I had a great time. So let's look at pros and cons of the awards. Pros are postive and cons are negatives.


  • It was a lot of fun!
  • Rach was a great host.
  • Nobody got disappointed
  • Everybody congratulated each other
  • Perry and I made up
  • Commercials were funny
  • It didn't last too long.


  • It was sort of repeating i.e. the same thing, nominee, winner, clap clap.
  • I had to eat dinner. xD
  • I made a mistype saying "Stupid Perry"
  • I didn't win any awards (not that I care)

April 8th, Easter- Interview With Rachelrabbit1999

First of all, HAPPY EASTER GUYS!!! And enjoy today's Sunday Article! Happy Easter again!!! :)

{C}Interview with:Rachelrabbit1999

By: Z!

Z: Hey Rachel!

Rachel: Hey!

Z: Is it true you are the founder of this Wiki?

Rachel: Yes, I am

Z: What made you think of creating this Wiki?

Rachel: Well, I'm kind of a multi-tasker. This is going to sound corny, but I was reading the news on and I was watching House of Anubis and yeah, an idea just popped in my head.

Z: Are you happy with what the Wiki is turning out to become?

Rachel: Wow, I'm actually ecstatic. When I first made it in January, no one joined so I gave up, so when Perry offered the idea of making the newspaper, I told them that I already have a newspaper and it got a little bit more popular. Z: Cool! What users have really helped make this Wiki the way it is other than you of course!

Rachel: Well, KimberlyAmaya has helped me so much in achieving it and Amx1995 has been a lot of help too. Oh, and BatPeddieSeddieSibuna has helped me out a lot too.

Z: Has the Wiki been getting more or less popular?

Rachel: Unfortunately, since Season Two is over in America, the Wikia is becoming less popular.

Z: What can we do to help that?

Rachel: Well, I think everyone can post the link on websites to do with House of Anubis.

Z: Any final words before I end the interview?

Rachel: Yes! I wish everyone will enjoy the Wikia that me, the users and the admin have created and visit our sister Wikia, House of Anubis Role-play!

Z: Bye Rachel!

Rachel: See ya!