May 8- Mick & Mara Theory

Have you ever wondered what Mick and Mara did while Sibuna was on their quest? Wouldn't Mara of known when Patricia was sneaking out? I mean, they only went out at 12:00 and they are pretty loud when it comes to opening doors. Anyways, putting that aside for now. Have you checked out this website? Click here to check it out! Enjoy your Monday!

April 2- Prank Kings

Yesterday was April 1st or otherwise known as April Fool's Day. April Fool's Day is not a national holiday, but is widely recognized and celebrated as a day when people play practical jokes and hoaxes on each other. In order to celebrate this wonderful day at the Anubis News wikia, we will list out all of the pranks Alfie and Jerome played on the other members of the House of Anubis.

  • He ruined Alfie's message by taking the "A" out of the end
  • Jerome buys Alfie cactuses to give to Amber
  • Alfie records over the tapes of Sarah on Amber's MP3
  • Jerome and Alfie hides inside a closet in the cellar and scares Sibuna
  • They host a fake talent show that helps them make money
  • They sneak into Mick's room and replaces all his sporting gear with Amber's clothing
  • They replace Amber's prom dress with a dress for a barbie doll
  • Jerome slips Fabian's poem into Joy's clipboard
  • They host a fake "Donkey Day" contest
  • Jerome sold both Joy and Nina the same dress

March 26- Vote Now!

Are you guys watching the KCA this year, hosted by Will Smith? This year, Anna Mulvoy Ten, who plays Amber Millington, the dumb-ditzy blonde, has been nominated to receive a blimp for her work in House of Anubis. Also, Brad Kavanagh, who plays Fabian Rutter, the science nerd, has been nominated to recieve a blimp for Favorite UK Actor. Lastly, the show, House of Anubis has been nominated to recieve a blimp for Favorite UK Show! How exciting is that? Well, guess what? When you vote, you can vote as many times as you want! Yes, the number is infinitive! So, stop by and vote for Anna Mulvoy Ten, Brad Kavanagh and House of Anubis! Let's help them win favorite actress, actor and show! House of Anubis all the way!

March 19- Anbis Cryptograms?

Have you seen our newest editions of the Anubis News? "What is the Anubis Cryptograms?" you might be asking. Well, the Anubis Cryptograms, thought up by our admin, Amx1995, is a crossover game between House of Anubis and the Hunger Games triology. Every last Thursday of the second month, two "tributes" are picked from each districts to participate in this event. The districts include Renenet, Maat, Thoth, Osiris, Yaam, Anedjti, Imhotep, Ptah, Ra, Anhur, Neper and Hathor. Then, the next Friday, the tributes would meet up and the admins will give you a riddle. You have to try to decipher the riddle as fast as you can, but remeber, these riddles won't be online, they are going to be made up by the admins. When you get the answer, you will send the answer to Rachel and the last person to answer will be out of the competition. To join, you have to pick a district and go to your profile. Click the "Edit Your Profile" button and then fill out the "I Live In" section with your district. If you don't understand, check out the admin's page.

Another great addition to the wikia, by Amx1995, is the story "The Choosen One". This story tells the adventure of a girl, who is in a cross-world of House of Anubis, Avatar and the Hunger Games triologies. This story will be updated every day and can be read by you. So, head over to the story and start reading! See you next Monday!

March 12- Possibly Neddie?

They finally did it! Senkhara, Rufus and their marks are gone! Eddie Miller/Sweet is the Osirian and Nina is still the Choosen One. Acoording to Victor Rodenmaar Sr. the Choosen One and Osirian are destined to be with each other, but will that ruin the chances of Fabina and Peddie? Will they remain platonic or will they become romantic? What do you think?