June 1- Back

UGH!!! okk so im back now like 24 7 now!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but my dad was just yelling at me because I'm on the computer alot and all, when I haven't been on for less than a month!!!!???? I mean seriously!!!! And he said he's shutting off the cable and internet for the summer!!! Can you believe him!!!!!! UGH!!!!! So if I'm not on anymore that's why!! Oh and what's up with this whole "election" thingy??? my chat still doesn't work so leave me a message on my wall, thanks everyone!!!


May 18- Leaving for Two Weeks

Hey yall, I know I havent been on in awhile. And I will try hard to be on but Im trying to show how responsible I am to my parents. My father yells at me to get off the computer all the time. And my mother says I shouldnt be on the computer on a nice day. So Im so sorry but I have to leave for awhile. Im not going to be on for at least 2 weeks. I really want a bunny rabbit, and I want to show how responsible I really am. So see you soon!!!( Oh and keep me updated on my wall((I will try to sneak on every once and awhile))



May 16- Jealous Mick?

We all know that Mick still likes Mara, but will he do whatever he can to try to get Mara back? Will that include breaking Mara and Jerome up? Maybe, Mick will pretend to date Amber just to make Mara jelous. What would Alfie think of that? Would Mara be jealous and go back to Mick? Or will she stick with her choice and stay with Jerome. Are you a Jara fan or a Mickra fan?

April 22nd- Unknown