This wikia isn't always fun and games, it comes with it's many responsibilities. If you have a job, please be sure to do what you have to do, and if you wish to apply for a job, please contact one of our administrators.


  1. Monday- Rachelrabbit199
  2. Tuesday- KimberlyAmaya
  3. Wednesday-
  4. Thursday- Seddielover45
  5. Friday- Amber99HOA
  6. Saturday- BatPeddieSeddieSibuna
  7. Sunday- Z!

How to Become a Reporter

By now, you've probably seen all the cool articles and your'e probably wondering, "How do I become a reporter?" Here's how:

  1. Decide your top three days.
  2. Ask an admin or ask the founder of this wikia, Rachelrabbit1999
  3. If Rachelrabbit1999 agrees to give you a day, she will message you.
  4. Once you get that day, you can't change it (Unless Rachelrabbit1999 changes it). You are reponsible for the news regarding your day.
  5. If you aren't an admin, please contact Rachelrabbit1999 to put your article up. If you see your article being edited, don't worry, it is probably Rachelrabbit1999 fixing your grammar or spelling mistakes.
  6. You are allowed to speak your mind in your article, but try to lean away from opinions. There is a opinion page for that.
  7. Please do not put inappropriate words or pictures in your article. Younger children may watch HOA and may go to this site. Please check your article before you publish it. See Rules if you have any questions on if it is appropriate or not.

Possible Suggestions for People to Contact

  1. Rachelrabbit1999
  2. Z!
  3. KimberlyAmaya
  4. BatPeddieSeddieSibuna
  5. Perry!

Advice Pages

  1. Love Advice- FabianBryce!
  2. School Advice- Chriselle
  3. Friendship Advice- KimberlyAmaya
  4. Other Advice- BlueFlamez

Other Jobs

  1. Event Maker: Perry!


The blogs are not being written, and jobs are open if you wish to write in them! Contact our administrators if you would like to apply for a job! Click here for the blogs page.