Jack Jackal:

"Matt, Bryce, Kim, Stephanie, and Rachel sneaking around after dark or trying to find a ghost!?"

Nick Rodenmaar Jr.- "It's ten o'clock you have five minutes presisly and then I want to hear a pin drop!"

Matt Lewis-" And I want to be a billionare!"

Bryce Rutter-"My chosen one!"

Kim Martin-"Joy is stealing Bryce away from me:("

Rachel Millington-"I have always been the brain of the Sibuna gang!"

Rachel Millington-"There is no I in Sibuna!"

Stephany Williamson-"I really like Eddie but what if he dosent like me?"

Jack Jackal-" Can you beleive that Kim is blowing off school to spend time with Bryce and her poor sick grandmother is probably dying and all Kim is worried about is that handsome Bryce! He will be mine someday he will Kim watch out!Joy!

Kim Martin-"He is my boyfriend so get lost!"

Bryce Rutter-"Now Joy I like you as a friend but I like Nina more then a friend I am truely Sorry!"

Stephany Williamson-"Kiss up!"

Bryce Rutter-"Hey!"

Matt-" Do you want to see a magic trick?"

Bryce,Stephany,Rachel,and Kim-"NO!"

Rachel Millington-"Kim you need to quit wearing those ragady clothes and get into the new fashion!"

Joy-"I don't care what you say Bryce or Kim I will get my revenge and Bryce will be mine and Kim watch out I will do something to you!"

Kim Martin-"Hey! I like the clothes I wear!"

Bryce Rutter-"I like your clothes Kim they are fine don't listen to that Fashion Geek Rachel!"

Kim Martin-"Thanks!"

Rachel Millington-"HEY!"

Matt Lewis-"Where is Zach I haven't seen him sence last night?"

Bryce Rutter-"He said he was going with his uncle I think?"

Stay Tuned!

Jack Jackal:

I now where Zach is but Bryce you have to kiss me before I will tell any of you!~Joy


Bryce- "No Way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Kim- "Joy! He is my boyfriend so leave him alone!"

Stephaney- "Is there any thing else we can do?"

Joy-"No only if Bryce Kisses me!"

Rachel-"Joy! Quit trying to break Bryim up we all hate Broy!"

Joy-"Shut up ideiot!"


Kim-"Bryce just do it we need to find Zach!"


Kim- "No Buts just do it NOW!"



Joy and Bryce kiss for 5 seconds!

Kim-"Now where is Zach?"

Stephany, Rachel,and Matt- "Yah!"

Joy-"He was kiddnapped by Rufus and Vera!"

Bryce, Kim, Rachel, Matt, and Stephany-"WHAT?????!!!!!"