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Asked by: Perry!

I was best friends with this boy years ago but we had a fight and were not friends any more. I found a new friend and we became best friends. After that we became friends with 2 other boys, we played chasing at lunch every day and everything was fine until my ex-friend joined. I started to become best friends with him then my others friends. Today my best friend told me that he had a secret talk with my other friends and they admitted ever since my ex-friend joined, me and my best friend's friendship was getting ruined. Not to mention my other friend's friendship between us are getting ruined because of my ex-friend. What should I do?

Talk to ALL of your friends about this, find out what is making your friendships fall apart. Communication is key! No friendship is capable of being ruined just like that, find out what's going on and talk to each one of your friends about this. Remember, to not pick sides, it'll just make a bigger problem! So my advice is to just sit down and talk with them. When you do, just go from there and if you have any other problems, you can always ask for more advice! Best of luck!

-Nina Martin☯

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