Chat Moderators

Chat moderators are special users that have the ability to kickban users from chat. It is their job to look over the chat, and make sure the users abide by the rules.

Who are the Chat Moderators?

How can I be a Chat Moderator?

You can become a chat moderator if you have done the following. Here is a list of Self Evaluation to become a chat mod.

  1. Do you not enjoy drama?
  2. Do you not like to cause drama?
  3. Do you not get involved in drama?
  4. Do you make alot of edits?
  5. Are you trusted by the admins?
  6. Are you friendly to other users?
  7. Are you active on the Wiki

If you answered yes to those questions you may be qualifiying to join the chat mod team.

Speak to any of the administrators to see if you qualify for the job.

When you are Chat Mod, you can put this userbox on your profile:

Catwhoosh This user is a chat mod!

The code is ChatMod. Remember to put 2 {}s. The ChatMod userbox was made by our very own, BatPeddieSeddieSibuna