Welcome to the Anubis News Wikia Award, our very first award show! For the first part of the show, you will need to nominate for the catagories! Nominations are currently closed.

Favorite Episode
The nominees for Favorite Espiode are Season One Finale (nominated by Perry16370),Season Two Finale (nominated by KimberlyNF), House of Traps/ House of Stakes (nominated by Rachelrabbit1999) and House of Locks/House of Eyes (nominated by Z!)
Favorite Character
The nominees for Favorite Character are Jerome Clark (nominated by KimberlyNF), Amber Millington (nominated by Perry16370), Nina Martin (nominated by Rachelrabbit1999) and Eddie Miller (nominated by Z!)
Favorite Cast Member
The nominees for Favorite Cast Member are Nathalia Ramos (nominated by KimberlyNF),Burkely Duffield (nominated by Perry16370), Anna Malvoy Ten (nominated by Rachelrabbit1999) and Jade Ramsey (nominated by Z!)
Favorite Newcomer
The nominees for Favorite Newcomer are Eddie (nominated by Perry), Senkhara (nominated by KimberlyNF). Vera (nominated by Rachelrabbit1999) and Jasper (nominated by Z!).
Favorite Couple
The nominees for Favorite Couple are Fabina (nominated by Perry16370), Jara (nominated by KimberlyNF), Amfie(nominated by Rachelrabbit1999) and Peddie (nominated by Z!)
Favorite Friendship
The nominees for Favorite Friendship are Meddie (nominated by KimberlyNF), Neddie (nominated by Perry16370), Nina Namber (nominated by Rachelrabbit1999) and Feddie (nominated by Z!)
Favorite Villian
The nominees for Favorite Villian are Victor (nominated by KimberlyNF),Senkhara (nominated by Perry16370), Rufus Zeno (nominated by Rachelrabbit1999) and Vera (nominated by Z!)
Favorite Admin
The nominees for Favorite Admin are Rachelrabbit1999 (nominated by Perry), Amx1995 (nominated by KimberlyNF), KimberlyNF(nominated by Rachelrabbit1999) and Sibunasenkhara (nominated by Z!).
Nicest Admin
The nominees for Nicest Admin are KimberlyNF(nominated by Perry16370),Rachelrabbit1999(nominated by KimberlyNF), Perry16370(nominated by Rachelrabbit1999) and Amx1995(nominated by Z!)
Favorite User
The nominees for Favorite User are Perry16370(nominated by KimberlyNF), Blimey8(nominated by Perry16370), Z!(nominated by Rachelrabbit1999) and MegaBoriShipper(nominated by Z!)
Most Hardworking User/Admin
The nominees for Most Hardworking User/Admin are Sibunasenkhara(nominated by KimberlyNF),Amx1995(nominated by Perry16370), KimberlyNF(nominated by Rachelrabbit1999) and Rachelrabbit1999(nominated by Z!)
Favorite Article Day
The nominees for Favorite Article Day are Tuesday (nominated by Perry), Monday(nominated by KimberlyNF), Wednesday (nominated by Rachelrabbit1999) and Thursday(nominated by Z!).

The Nicest User Award goes to Amx1995! The Most Hardworking User/Admin Award goes to Rachelrabbit1999! The Favorite Article Day Award goes to Tuesday! The Favorite Episode Award goes to the Season Two Fniale! The Favorite Character Award goes to Amber Millington! The Favorite Cast Member Award goes to Jade Ramsey! The Favorite Newcomer Award goes to Eddie Miller! The Favorite Couple Award goes to Fabina! The Favorite Friendship Award goes to Namber! The Favorite Villian Award goes to Senkhara! The Nicest Admin Award goes to KimberlyNF! The Favorite Admin Award goes to KimberlyNF! The Favorite User Award goes to Perry16370! The Big Help Award goes to KimberlyNF!