Need some Anubis advice? Get out of a messy relationship? Worried about your friendship? Getting bullied? Getting bad grades in Math? Or anything else?

Well, us 5 Anubis Advice members are here to help you out with your issues!

Here are the advice pages:

Friendship Advice

Advisor: KimberlyAmaya

Having a friendship issue or just wanna make friends? Well don't worry, because KimberlyAmaya is here to help you! Ask any type of friendship related questions and she'll give you her best advice!

Love Advice


Have a crush? Having trouble with a relationship? Or maybe just wanna know what love feels like? Well ---- is here to give you their best advice!

School Advice

Advisor: Chriselle

Having trouble in school? Having an issue with a teacher? Well, Chriselle is here to help you out...just ask anything school-related and she'll give you her best answer!

Other Advice

Advisor: Flamez

Need advice that doesn't fit the catogories above. Well Flamez is here to answer that question. Just ask him a question that doesn't fit any of the catogories above and he'll be there to answer it!

Creating your own Advice

If you have an idea for a new advice column, please contact the local admins to check if they approve.